About – Membership

There are four (4) categories of Membership;

  1. Ordinary Membership – All former students of St. Mary’s College Kisubi
  2. Honorary Membership – Any eminent person who has distinguished himself or herself in some profession or contributed substantially to interests of the school or association may become an honorary member. A honorary member shall neither pay membership or subscription fees nor have the right to vote.
  3. Life Membership – Ordinary Members may become life members by payment of life membership fee to be fixed from time to time in Annual general Meeting
  4. Associate Membership – Any person, groups or organisations not otherwise eligible but being an old student of a sister school or associated with the founding bodies may become an associate member by making an application approved by the Central Executive Committee. An associate member shall be required to pay membership or subscription fees and participate in activities of the association including meetings but without the right to vote.


Current annual subscriptions fees are 100,000/

Current Life membership fees are 1,000,000/