The purpose of the SMACKOBA  Awards is to recognise old students and staff, past and present, dead or alive, who have made significant achievements in society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations and careers have honoured the Namilyango College core values of: honesty and integrity, innovation, respect for human dignity, Christ-centered holistic formation, and excellence.

To be eligible for participation, one has to be a subscribed member of SMACKOBA. You then send your nomination for each category to the Awards Committee.

However, a nominee need not be a subscribed member of SMACKOBA.

An awardee in a particular category does not qualify for nomination in the same category in the following Awards year.

Also, members of the SMACKOBA Executive and Awards Committees do not qualify for nominations.

You can only nominate one person for each category.

On closing of nominations, the list of nominees and reasons for nominations are “cleaned” by the Awards Committee. The cleaning process involves removing nominations that didn’t qualify for nomination (Eg, members of the Awards and the SMACKOBA  Executive Committees), or if they did, were lacking reasons for nomination. The Awards Committee then selects awardees by consensus.