The purpose of the SMACKOBA  Awards is to recognise old students and staff, past and present, dead or alive, who have made significant achievements in society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations and careers have honoured the Namilyango College core values of: honesty and integrity, innovation, respect for human dignity, Christ-centered holistic formation, and excellence.

On review of the St Mary’s College centennial celebrations, at their meeting on April 20, 2005, the SMACKOBA  Executive Committee resolved to recognise and award outstanding persons of the St Mary’s College Community was set up to help with the implementation. 

The 1st SMACKOBA Awards, involving an Awards Committee and categories, were held on Smack  Day, on March 24, 2007. In the following years, up to 2016 when a similar event was held, SMACKOBA had been recognising her outstanding members occasionally.

The SMACKOBA Awards are now part of the SMACKOBA Calendar and are held on the last Friday of July every other year. After the upcoming event this year (2018), the next will be held in July 2020.